Dearest fans, friends, and beautiful ppl:

Thaaaaaank you for coming out to our show last night with MONOTONIX. Having the opportunity to see these guys live is a rare and amazing experience; having the opp to play with them is an honor.  Seriously. These guys were nuts and played a no bullshit / ball droppin’ (literally) set. Look!

Never forget yall.

We’d like to thank Keep it Real Concerts for inviting us to open for the wild and raucous triad of Israelis. Also want to send out a special thank yall to all our friends dancing, taking snap shots, and recording the surreal experience.

McAllen TX may expect our next show to go down on December 4th with Ghostland Observatory. That’s something to get excited over, and if you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, you may want to hurry up and get them here – word is they’re pretty close to selling out!

But anyways:

Thank you for visiting the new and improved (slightly) site. From here on out this will be our primary source for presenting all information about and related to the band. Please check in on a regular basis (like, twice a day) for updates, videos, and maybe even a demo or two 😉

much love!

-patrick / tyms