So we came into some trouble last night with a venue called The Oasis in the Charleston, S. Carolina area.  But first, check out this babe that JP brought home last night:

Score! Buuuuut back to the story: basically, some ‘miscommunication’ occurred between the promoter and the venue owner and we ended up without a show, gas, and a place to stay. People- there’s no greater feeling of dread to experience on the road than feeling a van full of frustrated men find out they drove hundreds of miles only to get passed aside without an afterthought.  So we did what any self-respecting band would do: we called up every contact in the area and begged. “Can we play at your show tonight? We’re pros. Promise. No? Ok.” :click: “Hi. I’m in a band called the young maths. Yes. Like Mathematics. M. A. T. H – No? Ok, some other time. Thanks” :click: “Hi, we’re in a situation right now, we’re a band that got dropped like a bad habit and – alright. No, I understand. Yeah, we’ll call that person, thanks”.

But all hope was not lost.  The staff over at the Tattooed Moose totally sympathized with our situation and not only offered us a show this Tuesday (one of our off days), but also put us in contact with the promoter for a huge Christmas concert going on last night at the Pour House. The concert promoter ended up being hella nice and offered us a closing spot on the roster, which we humbly accepted and made the best of. Here is the remaining chunk of our tour:

12.8.10 – Ambrosia Coffee Shop, McAllen, TX
12.9.10 – The Limelight, San Antonio, TX
12.10.10 – City Tavern, Dallas, TX
12.11.10 – The Dalzell House, Shreveport, LA
12.12.10 – Loudhouse Coffee, Greenbrier, TN
12.13.10 – The High Note, Birmingham, AL
12.14.10 – Legitimate Business, Greensboro, NC
12.16.10 – Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
12.18.10 – ICE FEST, Columbus, GA
12.19.10 – The Pour Room, Charleston, SC
12.20.10 – The House 5 Points, Columbia, SC
12.21.10 – The Tattooed Moose, Charleston, SC
12.22.10 – The Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta, GA
12.23.10 – Backstage Lounge, Gainesville, FL
12.26.10 – Alabama Music Box, Mobile, AL
12.29.10 – The Rev Room, Little Rock, AR
12.30.10 – Maxines, Hot Springs, AR
12.31.10 – The Vertical Violet, Wichita, KS
1.1.11 – Belle Isle Brewery, Oklahoma City, OK
1.2.11 – Soundpony, Tulsa, OK
1.3.11 – The 806, Amarillo, TX
1.4.11 –Walter’s at Washington, Houston, TX
1.5.11 – Andy’s Bar and Grill, Denton, TX
1.6.11 – Moonbar, Fort Worth, TX w/Western Giants
1.7.11 – Triple Crown, San Marcos, TX
1.8.11 – Stubbs, Austin, TX
1.9.11 – House of Rock, Corpus Christi,  TX

We’re currently hanging out now at our new friend Alex’s amazing house and are going to head out and try some local flavor, via coffee shops / local food joints.  This winter exploration trip / tour has been kind of awesome.  There are good people on this planet.  If we don’t have time to update before x-mas, then friends, fans, and family: MERRY X-MAS. We love all yall.