Hi Everyone,

First off, apologies for the lack of updates. We’ve all been trying to juggle finals, work, and more importantly (yeah, totally mean it, to me at least) have been pretty busy recording and mixing for our next studio endeavor. The recording process is about 75% complete, and  we’ve already begun studying the rough mixes of songs we’ve finished. We’re beyond pleased with this next group of songs. Those who caught our performance with White Rabbits 2 weeks ago got an earful of our new tracks, which left many of our fans confused, thrown off, and excited. These sort of fan based descriptors were satisfying and confirming; this is what we have braced ourselves to welcome: the reactionary onset of progression. Needless to say, we’re beyond excited to share these songs with everyone. Expect abrasions.

If any readers care to scope out the iceberg tip of our latest endeavor, then please head on over to either Austin Vida, Gimme Tinnitus (Brooklyn), or Aural Interaction (San Antonio) to check out some awesome blog postage and streams of our latest single, “Latin Roots”. A special shout out to Ian (Austin Vida), Bob Reich (GT), and Jessica and Nikkin (Aural) for pushing this track to their readers. “Latin Roots” is also on sale up at iTunes, so be sure to check it out there because WE NEED $$$$ FOR EXPEN$IVE A$$ GA$. Why?


Frequent our shows page for more and more updates being added on the regular.

Thanks everyone and please be sure to frequent our page for updates and a flurry of ridiculous / scandalous / career ending photos that will ascend the internet on Sunday after Robert’s highly anticipated graduation celebration barbeque bro bash spectacular!