Hi everyone,

A happy Monday to all. We have a brief tour update for ya’ll, info on our album, and a stream of our latest track! First,tour has been and is currently a wild ride. Brooklyn was great and the Cameo Gallery was beautiful. Boston was classy, Chicago was fun as hell, the South Carolina area killed it,  Joplin MO is home to our new favorite out of town promoter, Jake Forste, and the folks over in Wichita, KS once again win our hearts over for the friendliest and most vibrant scene.

We are currently on the final stretch of our tour, and while we are bummed we can’t keep it going we are excited to make preparations and begin strong rehearsals for our LP release party / performance on August 13th at the Cine El Rey Theatre in our hometown of McAllen, TX. RSVP here:


On that note, information regarding how to purchase of our first LP, ERRORRS, which will be on sale that night and on iTunes same day, will be coming soon.

Finally, we have our title track now on soundcloud, which you can stream here:

Anthony Fantano of theneedledrop.com, aka the interenet’s ‘busiest music nerd’, wrote some kind words about the single. Read them here:


Thanks, Anthony,

That’s all for now, and thanks for all the support.