We are home, we are safe, and we are incredibly satisfied with our tour up North, East, and back down the Center of the good ol U S of A.


We have a new release coming on Saturday.
It’s our debut album.
The name of our debut album is ERRORRS.
it is not Errors / ERRORS.
Here is the album art:

It will drop in VINYL FORM on Saturday, August 13th 2011 at the Cine El Rey in downtown McAllen TX.

For those interested in having the album shipped to them, please visit http://www.fallbackrecords.com and fill out the record form.

A select batch of vinyl will be CLEAR. This is what they look like:

The album will also drop DIGITALLY on Sunday, AUGUST 14th on Itunes and on our bandcamp site.

Additionally, it should be known that we will be performing ERRORRS in full on Saturday, August 13th at Cine El Rey. Find the show info here, and the flyer here:

We’re so incredibly excited about Saturday. Can’t wait to have everyone hear the album!