Ok guys! First things first:


Yeah! We are excited to announce that our first album, ERRORRS, is done – recorded, mixed, mastered, pressed on CD and Vinyl. The first 100 Vinyl will be pressed on clear viny – how cool is that! Special thanks to studio wiz and friend Charlie Vela for working with us throughout the process, and to Orlie Ozuna of Fallback Records for helping us press ERRORRS on vinyl.

Our good friend Andres Sanchez made us a great teaser vid for the album. Check it out here:



Hi All,

We finished up the mixing and mastering process for our first album, ERRORRS.

Track Listing coming soon, along with album art and other fine info.

Fans and friends,

We are excited to announce that our next musical endeavor will be an LP.

Its title: ERRORRS.

Artwork coming soon.

Hi Everyone,

First off, apologies for the lack of updates. We’ve all been trying to juggle finals, work, and more importantly (yeah, totally mean it, to me at least) have been pretty busy recording and mixing for our next studio endeavor. The recording process is about 75% complete, and  we’ve already begun studying the rough mixes of songs we’ve finished. We’re beyond pleased with this next group of songs. Those who caught our performance with White Rabbits 2 weeks ago got an earful of our new tracks, which left many of our fans confused, thrown off, and excited. These sort of fan based descriptors were satisfying and confirming; this is what we have braced ourselves to welcome: the reactionary onset of progression. Needless to say, we’re beyond excited to share these songs with everyone. Expect abrasions.

If any readers care to scope out the iceberg tip of our latest endeavor, then please head on over to either Austin Vida, Gimme Tinnitus (Brooklyn), or Aural Interaction (San Antonio) to check out some awesome blog postage and streams of our latest single, “Latin Roots”. A special shout out to Ian (Austin Vida), Bob Reich (GT), and Jessica and Nikkin (Aural) for pushing this track to their readers. “Latin Roots” is also on sale up at iTunes, so be sure to check it out there because WE NEED $$$$ FOR EXPEN$IVE A$$ GA$. Why?


Frequent our shows page for more and more updates being added on the regular.

Thanks everyone and please be sure to frequent our page for updates and a flurry of ridiculous / scandalous / career ending photos that will ascend the internet on Sunday after Robert’s highly anticipated graduation celebration barbeque bro bash spectacular!


Hey all, “Latin Roots”, the first single off our forthcoming EP, ERRORRS, is now available on iTunes. Friends, tell your friends, spread the word, share that love. Here is the album art:

Before we departed on our recent winter ’10/’11 tour through the East, we agreed to record some of our experiences on the road and share them with the PR people over at South Texas College so they could produce a tour documentary.

We didn’t know what to expect, but we knew we were working with competent, talented people. 3 months later, and here we are:

We’re excited, and very pleased, to announce the completion of our very first tour video, compliments of South Texas College.  You may view it here:

Special thanks to Luci Lopez for the editing, and additional thanks to Lilli Lopez and Victor Ituarte for recording the TX footage.

Hello my beauties.



DAMN. anyways yall, just wanted everyone to know that we have been recording some new demos for our next release. we’re very excited.



We’re updating. Here we go.

The band has been rehearsing a lot of new material as of late for our next release, which as of right now we are approximating will be released around May. Some of the new material was played live last night at a very packed Block Party in Brownsville TX, so if you’re a curious fan you may probably find a teaser by rummaging through your youtube browser. But if you’d rather wait for a more polished, mixed track, please know we will be releasing the first single off our next EP very, very soon. More details will be announced on our next post. Until then, it’s practice and demoing for the next month or two.

The Daytrotter taping this past month was a lot of fun. We managed to sneak in a blurry cell phone recording of the taping process, which you can check out here if you are on our facebook page. We’re really excited and honored to have been granted that opportunity. Expect the online postings to happen in mid-April.

Our next official show will be at the Never Say Never Festival going down in Mission TX. We’re all really excited to be playing with artists like Das Racist, Skrillex, and plenty of other large acts headlining this beast. We will be playing on the first day of the 2 day event, which is March 15th. Get your tickets here. Also, check out this jam by Curren$y:

Now, to address the headline. First, yes! We’re finally on Itunes. If you feel more comfortable purchasing our music there than on our bandcamp page, than please, feel free to purchase our EPs at the Itunes store. All proceeds will be going to the recording of our next release. And secondly: Yes! We’re playing a secret show. No, we’re not giving specifics- yet. Just know that it’s the McAllen area and that it’s at a small, humble little place.

That just about does it for this update, folks. As always, keep checking in and stay tuned for more updates on shows and that single release.


We are excited to announce that we have landed a daytrotter.com session. Not sure when the postings will be up, but we are confirmed to begin the taping this weekend. Friends, Fans, supporters- spread the word!


The Young Maths will be performing at this year’s Never Say Never music and arts festival going down on March 15th & 16th in Mission TX.  Everyone from Das Racist to Miami Horror to Chiodos are playing this beast. Check it out yourself:

This will be our first time playing. If you’re interested in purchasing tickets to this event, please click here.

We will be announcing more shows by the end of the week, in addition to announcing some really, REAAAALLLY cool PR related news. Please keep checking in.

It’s a good week for tyms ❤