In the middle of recording our next LP.


So far, so good. Lots of weird noises. 


We have been quiet, but we’re very much alive. A lot of new material has been written since we got back from November’s ERRORRS tour. Some of it will see the light of day very soon. As for those of you hoping to see us play live, we’re holding off from that just a little while longer.

2011 was an amazing and productive year for us: three tours, recording and releasing ERRORRS, a feature on MTV Hive, and meeting lots of great people across the country. The release of our Daytrotter session this January was a satisfying punctuation mark to the year we had as a band.

Rest assured, we have big plans in the works. There will be collaborations, new singles, more shows, maybe a video or two, and one huge, beautiful beast of a record that I can’t wait for you to hear. Thank you for caring about this band; we’ll see you soon.


Hey friends!

We have some awesome music sharing news. For the duration of the material holiday weekend that is Black Friday / Cyber Monday, we have decided to share our first album, ERRORRS, with ya’ll for the low cost of only $2!!! It’s available at our page, which you will find below!

Additionally, our first 2 EPs, Thank You, Goodnight! We are… and You’re Buying Nothing, are now available for FREE DOWNLOAD throughout the Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend.

Download ERRORRS right now for only $2 here:

Download Thank You, Goodnight! We are… FOR FREE here:

Download You’re Buying Nothing FOR FREE here:

Enjoy, and spread the good word!

Hey everyone,

We’re stoked to officially announce our Fall 2011 tour dates in support of the vinyl pressing of ERRORRS. Find the tour dates below!

See you soon.

Hi ya’ll,

We are excited to announce that our first album, ERRORRS, is now on sale on iTunes and on our site.

Order information for the physical purchase of our album on vinyl will be coming soon, but if you’re interested in owning the album digitally, then please head on over to our bandcamp site.


We are home, we are safe, and we are incredibly satisfied with our tour up North, East, and back down the Center of the good ol U S of A.


We have a new release coming on Saturday.
It’s our debut album.
The name of our debut album is ERRORRS.
it is not Errors / ERRORS.
Here is the album art:

It will drop in VINYL FORM on Saturday, August 13th 2011 at the Cine El Rey in downtown McAllen TX.

For those interested in having the album shipped to them, please visit and fill out the record form.

A select batch of vinyl will be CLEAR. This is what they look like:

The album will also drop DIGITALLY on Sunday, AUGUST 14th on Itunes and on our bandcamp site.

Additionally, it should be known that we will be performing ERRORRS in full on Saturday, August 13th at Cine El Rey. Find the show info here, and the flyer here:

We’re so incredibly excited about Saturday. Can’t wait to have everyone hear the album!

Hi everyone,

A happy Monday to all. We have a brief tour update for ya’ll, info on our album, and a stream of our latest track! First,tour has been and is currently a wild ride. Brooklyn was great and the Cameo Gallery was beautiful. Boston was classy, Chicago was fun as hell, the South Carolina area killed it,  Joplin MO is home to our new favorite out of town promoter, Jake Forste, and the folks over in Wichita, KS once again win our hearts over for the friendliest and most vibrant scene.

We are currently on the final stretch of our tour, and while we are bummed we can’t keep it going we are excited to make preparations and begin strong rehearsals for our LP release party / performance on August 13th at the Cine El Rey Theatre in our hometown of McAllen, TX. RSVP here:

On that note, information regarding how to purchase of our first LP, ERRORRS, which will be on sale that night and on iTunes same day, will be coming soon.

Finally, we have our title track now on soundcloud, which you can stream here:

Anthony Fantano of, aka the interenet’s ‘busiest music nerd’, wrote some kind words about the single. Read them here:

Thanks, Anthony,

That’s all for now, and thanks for all the support.


Tour update, ya’ll! First, our show at the Cameo Lounge in Brooklyn on Saturday, July 16th got moved to the actual Cameo Gallery upstairs, which is awesome! We’ve always wanted to play there, so this is definitely a venue adjustment we’re totally cool with!

Venue here:

Aside from that, there are no major changes. Tour so far has been amazing. We are incredibly grateful for all the kind and hospitable people we have met along the way and are continually humbled with the familiar faces who bring out their friends and new fans to check us out in these out of town markets!

Keep in the loop and stay checking in here and on our facebook and twitter. We’ll be posting up info on our album release, going down August 13th! ERRORRS!


Here is the album art for ERRORRS:

We’re currently outside of Baton Rouge, LA. Tour has been splendid. Looking forward to playing the 4th of July house party at Dalzell House in Shreveport, LA!

Last night was beautiful. Huge thanks to all the supporters who came out to donate and rock out amidst the haze of sweat and over saturated guitars. It meant alot and the donations will certainly help us get on our way. Tour begins today! Stubbs, we’re out to kill.

tour dates here:

6.30.11 – Stubb’s Indoors, Austin TX
7.2.11 – Mango’s, Houston, TX
7.3.11 – Prytania, New Orleans LA
7.4.11 – The Dalzell House, Shreveport, LA
7.5.11 – Super Happy Fun Land, Little Rock, AR
7.6.11 – The Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta, GA
7.7.11 – The Tin Roof, Charleston, SC
7.8.11 – The Watershed, Lexington, SC
7.9.11 – The Green Bean, Greensboro, NC
7.10.11 – Slim’s Downtown Distillery, Raleigh NC
7.13.11 – PA’s Lounge, Somerville, MA
7.14.11 – Secret House of Pancakes, Allston, MA
7.16.11 – The Cameo Lounge, Brooklyn, NY
7.17.11 – Howler’s Coyote, Pittsburg, PA
7.18.11 – South Park Tavern, Dayton, OH
7.19.11 – Buda Budans, Cincinnati, OH
7.20.11 – Frankie’s Inner City, Toledo, OH
7.21.11 – The Elbo Room, Chicago, IL
7.22.11 – Penny Road Pub, Barrington, IL
7.23.11 – Blackthorn Pizza, Joplin, MO
7.24.11 – Vertical Violet Pond Party, Wichita, KS
7.25.11 – The Soundpony, Tulsa, OK
7.26.11 – George’s Majestic, Fayetteville, AR
7.28.11 – The City Tavern, Dallas TX
7.29.11 – Andy’s Bar, Denton TX w/Western Giants
7.30.11 – The Village Cafe / KEOS Showcase, Bryan TX
7.31.11 – The Stafford, Bryan, TX

-see ya’ll soon!